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Housing Program

Housing for Homeless Housing Program

At Housing for Homeless we care for those who are most vulnerable.  In our 93 properties we care for homeless Veterans, for families devastated by addiction or mental health problems, for those with housing vouchers, and for those who, through no fault of their own have lost their job, their income, their health insurance and so have had to choose between paying their rent or paying for health care or food for their family, and unsurprisingly they chose their family.

Once in the Program, our Case Managers are ready and able to assist our clients in achieving their Personal Improvement Plan, which enables them to accomplish their short and long-term goals. Our staff provides motivation through supervision, empathy, and recognition of client’s success. In addition, clients are exposed to the wide range of social services that are available throughout Brevard County. We offer classes on budget management, offer substance abuse and mental health counseling and have an employment specialist who works with clients who are willing to take advantage of this opportunity to turn their lives around.

The program also provides intervention services in crisis situations at critical stages with appropriate, professional resources and effective case management. Our range of services provided includes, but are not limited to:

  • Housing Placement
  • Intake and Assessment
  • Case management and Support Services
  • Rapid Rehousing Assistance
  • Access to a network of Social Service Agencies and Community Collaboration