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Housing Application

Housing Program Application

Application Requirements – Must submit voucher or letter from physician with application

  • Head of household MUST be receiving one of the following: 
    • SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) or 
    • Have a letter from physician treating diagnosed disability or 
    • Have a Section 8 voucher from a Housing Authority or 
    • Have a HUD-VASH voucher from the VA (veterans only)

Rapid Rehousing Application

  • One time assistance only 
  • Must be approved for housing from private landlord or property manager prior to intake 
  • We do not approve: mobile homes, rooms for rent, RVs, or hotel/motel stays 
  • Must have a copy of the lease and lease must be in applicant’s name
  • We do not assist with past due rent or utilities

All Applications – Documents Needed – No Exceptions

  • Driver’s license or State issued ID for anyone over the age of 18 
  • Birth certificate for every member of the household 
  • Social security card for every member of the household 
  • 3 months most recent bank statements (including checking and savings accounts) or 3 months most recent card statements 
  • Verification of income – 3 months of most recent paystubs, current year’s award letter for SSDI/SSI/VA benefits

Section 8/HUD-VASH Program

  • Must submit copy of voucher with application

Program entry determinants may include, but are not limited to the following

  • Criminal history 
  • Sexual offender status 
  • Eviction history 
  • Pets – see below for emotional support animal (ESA) 
    • To legally qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA), you must provide written documentation from any federal, state, local government agency, or specified health care practitioner, telehealth provider, or even out-of-state healthcare practitioner who has provided care/services to the person on at least one occasion, establishing that the person has an emotional disability for which the ESA has been prescribed. 
    • You must provide written documentation to establish the need for an ESA, identifying the particular assistance or emotional support provided by the animal from any of the bodies or practitioners listed above.