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Mission Statement

Our mission is to address the needs of the homeless in Brevard County.

“Providing a Doorway to a Brighter Future for Over 25 Years”


Our programs assist individuals and or families that are considered chronically homeless by HUD definitions or individuals and families whose head of household is disabled (as defined under the Social Security Administration ACT).

Admission Process

Applicants may contact us for criteria and eligibility. We also accepts referrals from out partner agencies in the community. Prospective clients may apply for acceptance into the program by completing an application.  Depending on availability, placement can take up to several months.

Success Stories

Housing for Homeless takes on the challenges ahead but here is reminder of the rewards. Crystal is another graduate of our program who now owns a successful cleaning business. It is our passion to transforms people’s lives and help make those feelings of comfort and security and love that comes with owning or renting your own home possible for everyone in our community. We ask the community to join us and the Brevard Homeless Coalition as we work to
end homelessness in Brevard by 2020!

When you’re in your 20’s you feel invincible! That’s how Karen felt as a young adult. Working in restaurant kitchens, she’d do whatever it took. She didn’t realize how important it is to do things safely. If a heavy box needed to be moved; no thought was given to how she could damage her back long term. When she was injured, she just pushed on because she needed to work, thus making the injuries even worse. Twenty-five years of hard, painful work came to a screeching halt when some coworkers horsing around fell into her. She went down and couldn’t get up!
Doctors explained she had degenerative disk disease; some of the worst they’d ever seen. She developed neuropathy; losing the feeling from her knees down. Since she couldn’t cook in a restaurant kitchen from a wheelchair, her career was ended. Without work, she was unable to provide for herself. “Getting government assistance is not providing for yourself, Karen said. But as much as I hate it, it’s the only thing I’ve got.” This assistance is not enough to cover basic rent and it wasn’t long before she became homeless. “Circumstances that you have no control over will sometimes push you into the streets.”
Always on the move, Karen had to search for places to plug in her wheelchair and to “spruce up” after being on the streets. She carried everything she owned on the back of her chair. Her only companion is her dog “TOBE.” This risky lifestyle has finally come to an end with the help of Housing for Homeless and Catholic Charities. She is now living in transitional housing being counseled by both agencies. She is focused on where she wants to live next and how to budget in order to keep her expenses down.

Please refer to our Services page for a complete description of how we might be able to assist you too!

In honor of Veterans Day, ServiceSource donated a mortgage-free home at Crestview Villas to disabled U. S. Army Vietnam War veteran Adolphus Jones.

Rob Medina, Director of Community and Military Relations for Congressman Bill Posey, presented Jones with an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol.

This is the third consecutive year that ServiceSource, a leading provider of employment and housing services to Floridians with disabilities, donated a mortgage-free home at Crestview Villas to a disabled veteran.

Drafted in 1967, Specialist 4 Jones was a member of 575th Engineer Construction Battalion of the Third U. S. Army during the height of the Vietnam War.


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